The model name of Samsung Galaxy Z Slide the sliding smartphone

After the Samsung Z Roll, the model name Samsung Z Slide is now recorded as well. Are there many Samsung smartphone models on the way?

Samsung Electronics has successfully submitted the Galaxy Z Fold 2 On Galaxy Z Flip Foldable smartphones. Meanwhile, the South Korean manufacturer seems to be preparing for the arrival of a new type of smartphone; Retractable smartphone with a retractable screen. Three days ago, LetsGoDigital unveiled a European brand for the cult ‘Samsung Z Roll‘, It is assumed to mean the first Samsung smartphone With a roll up offer. Maybe he is the one Slip-on smart phone As Samsung Display showed earlier this week, we concluded at that time.

However, new information has since been released, with the South Korean manufacturer submitting a trademark to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Samsung Galaxy Z Slide Smartphone

On May 21, 2021, Samsung Electronics registered a trademark with EUIPO as “Z Slide”. The app is rated Class 9 and has the same description as “Z Roll”.

Brand description Samsung Z Slide: ‘smart phones; Cell Phones Tablet Computers A communication device for styluses for smart phones and tablet computers.

This time too, the S Pen was mentioned. distance Galaxy S21 Ultra Compatible with the popular Samsung stylus, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Pen Will provide support. This foldable phone is expected in the summer of 2021. Samsung may intend to launch more models in the future that can be used with the S Pen.

The names “Z Roll” and “Z Slide” are very close together. “Roll” indicates that it is rollable, “Slide” indicates that it is a file Slip-on smart phone With a roll up offer. At the moment, it remains unclear if Samsung is referring to the same device with the same names or whether the company has several new smartphone models in development.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Slide smartphone

Both names mention the letter “Z,” which it appears to be referring to Galaxy Z series. All of Samsung’s foldable smartphones are housed inside this – including the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung seems to want to accommodate all flexible screen smartphones within the Galaxy Z series.

Samsung Electronics may not have released the final name yet. I personally doubt it. The company is not known for applying for multiple brands of the same product – unlike some other brands, like LG Electronics. However, almost all Samsung brands lead to an end product.

One possibility is that in addition to a retractable landscape display, Samsung Electronics is also working on a model with a vertical pull screen. In this way, the same distinction can be made between “Z Roll” and “Z Slide” as between “Z Fold” and “Z Flip”, and the company has now applied for several patents for this type. Smart slider.

Smartphone with Edge Screen

Although, Samsung Display also has a S foldable Shown, which can be folded in both directions, it is unlikely in our opinion that the designation “Z Roll” or “Z Slide” would be used for this model. This device is reportedly being marketed under the name “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S”.

Around August, Samsung will be hosting the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 To provide. We’ll probably also hear more about upcoming roll-on / slider models during this event. Samsung’s first slider smartphone is expected to be launched in 2022.

View the app for this here Samsung Z chip.

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