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Since Friday evening, young people from Jeugdhuis Den Couter vzw have been performing music with a disco bar at the gym’s vaccination center along Ouderdomseweg in Poperinge.

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“It’s a series of after-work parties, every Friday from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint the general public, we only work by invitation, we send an invitation letter for that. Therefore, the music is only for that.” For people who wait for the mandatory 15 minutes after the injection, “laughs salesman Jerry Lebenoy of Den Couter vzw. Requests requests During the first photo session, he was assisted by Jonas Boleyn County project coordinator and web developer Nils Cabell. “There will always be three of us here, every time people get used to playing music at Den Couture. We keep coming until we get tired of it.” Niels says, “We’ll see.” We don’t talk between pictures, but people are always allowed to make requests. That was not it. The case today, but at the moment there is an audience of over 65 people here. This will likely change when the younger generations are discussed, ”adds Jonas, the tourist videos“ This is a very interesting initiative, ”says James Jimmy Vanderbecki (74) from Hoppelandwijk. “I just got my second shot, which is great reassurance, and it makes the wait a lot more enjoyable. The last time we only got to see one of the three screens, where the tour films were shown without sound. But fifteen minutes is too long if you have to wait.” “The volume is very acceptable, but the music is inappropriate for the age group that is here now. They only played disco and modern songs. I would have preferred to hear the 60s or for example oppa. But then again, these guys wouldn’t know that, for sure?” He said Jimmy, who has operated the Shamrock Brasserie on Boterstraat in Ypres for twenty years. He can go to him. The desire for vaccination in the elderly here was very high. Let us wish that young people are equally willing, until we have another world. Jimmy adds: Maybe this music could help a little. “The guys at the Den Kout Youth Center want to organize a number of events in the summer, and all of that as safely as possible, of course. The way to have a Coronavirus event is to get as many people as possible and of course get the youngsters vaccinated. To convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated, Members of the youth center come to see some pictures at the vaccination center on Friday evenings, ”says Alderman Social Affairs Brian Vanderhage (Simon). It makes waiting 15 minutes after the injection a little more enjoyable. Hopefully, he will convince young people who have doubts about vaccination. People under the age of 30 may not get their turn until the end of June. ”

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