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The Minister for Development Cooperation, Maryam Ketter (Forwitt), released 8 million euros in humanitarian aid for the residents of Gaza. You will announce this on Friday.

There has been one since Friday night The ceasefire is in effect between Israel and HamasThe radical Palestinian movement in Gaza. The truce came after 11 days of heavy fighting between the two sides, which killed more than 240 people, most of them in Gaza.

“Now that the ceasefire has ended, 8 million euros are freed up to get immediate humanitarian aid in Gaza as quickly as possible,” said Minister for Development Cooperation, Maryam Ketter (Forwitt). This money will go to the United Nations Humanitarian Fund in Palestine, so that organizations on the ground can use them immediately. “They can take immediate action. That way, precious time is not wasted helping people,” says Ketter. Earlier this week, the Minister of Furut urged humanitarian access to the region.

Ketter said she had already met two women from partner organizations in Gaza on Friday “to get an accurate picture of current needs and how we are effectively providing this assistance to the people.” “The devastation is enormous. Thousands of people are homeless and critical infrastructure affected.”


I take responsibility this way, but we must look further and also address the root causes of the conflict.

Minister for Development Cooperation Maryam Katir (Forward)

The minister stressed that humanitarian aid alone is not a sustainable solution to the conflict in the Middle East. And she stresses, “Young people must get a new perspective.” This is also the starting point for a cooperation program to be developed with partner Palestinian organizations, focusing on employment and training in the region, including in Gaza.

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“I take responsibility in this way, but we have to look further and address the root causes of the conflict,” he said. “I am indeed pleased that the federal government has decided to investigate in the short term how to improve the application of the differentiation policy (the different commercial conditions for Israeli goods from the occupied Palestinian territories, liberated), so that we can improve different political areas. On the other hand “.

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