The motorist uses ChatGPT to reduce the parking fine

Getting a parking ticket is no fun. However, a motorist in England has found a very creative way to challenge his parking fine. After driving through the British airport drop-off area, use ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to get rid of the fine.

However, it was not possible to get out completely, but the amount of the fine was significantly reduced. From one hundred pounds to fifteen pounds is a trifle.

“No previous messages have been received regarding the parking violation.”

Motorists dropping off passengers at the relevant Gatwick airport must pay £5 for up to ten minutes. They have to pay an extra pound for every minute they stay thereafter. Cars can be parked for a maximum of twenty minutes.

The motorist in question, Sean Bosley, had dropped off a colleague at the airport last November and received a £100 ‘final notice’ a few months later. Bosley states that he had not received any prior correspondence.

“Artificial intelligence gave a great answer”

Bosley, a sales consultant at a company that makes videos for car dealerships using artificial intelligence, has turned to ChatGPT, which generates human-like conversations. All you have to do is write a request and the AI ​​system will start working right away.

“In the end, I just wrote: ‘Write an appeal to drive through Gatwick. I got a last notice, but no initial notice of the fine, “and immediately it came back with a big refund.”

Resume letter written by ChatGPT

ChatGPT helped him draft the Notice of Appeal, which noted the “unnecessary stress and hardship” the last Notice had created. In it, the NCP (English Car Parking Provider, ed.) was asked to “provide information about the circumstances” that led to Bosley not receiving the first recall. “I think the collection actions were premature and I ask you to reconsider the fines imposed,” she said. Appeal letter.

All this was successful. Bosley said the car park provider responded “the next day” and reduced the fine to £15, the original amount.

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Car driver uses ChatGPT to reduce parking fine: “Artificial intelligence gave a great answer”

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