The municipality promotes four new walking and exercise paths: “Take a photo while exercising” (Olen)

Starting mark for hiking trails in Poole© Olin Municipality


In recent months Olen Local Council has developed four new walking and exercise tracks. To acquaint its residents with the methods, the entertainment service organizes a photo competition.

The two new running tracks start at the Buul sports grounds in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Olen and are 7.2 and 2.2 kilometers long. The two exercise routes, which start at the Kapellekensstraat in Sint-Josef-Olen, can be completed on foot or on foot and measure 690 and 870 metres. There are also a number of exercises in the course. The exercise tracks are part of the “10,000 Steps a Day” project, in which the local government motivates its residents to get enough exercise every day.

Motion path splash panel.© Olin Municipality

To make the new walking and exercise methods known to the residents, the local government organizes a photography competition. From Monday 6th to Sunday 26th February, sports fans can take a selfie at the new road markings. By sharing the photo in the “New Walking and Exercise Photo Contest” event on Facebook, they stand a chance to win a great prize.

1000 km

In conjunction with the photo contest, the local government is also organizing the Strava Challenge “1000 km from Ulin” for the second year in a row. The intention is to rack up as many kilometers as possible on Strava from February 6-26. Those who wish to participate must join the “1,000 km van Olen” club on Strava.

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The race is open to all runners, both Olen residents and non-residents. Sports fans also choose where to go for a run. Some prizes will be distributed to the participants. (mph)

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