The Netherlands ranks among the countries most dependent on China

Of the entire continent, the Netherlands appears to be the most dependent on the Chinese economy. No European country imports more goods from China. And the tremendous progress continues to grow.

This increased dependence makes sense to some extent. Finally, the Chinese economy will overtake the dominance of the United States by 2050. But surprisingly, the Netherlands is one of the countries that import the largest amount of imports from China, not only in Europe, but around the world. Especially when you look at the astronomical numbers.

The Netherlands is among the countries that import the most from China

An increase of almost $40 billion compared to 2020. In 2022, the total value of all Chinese goods traded to the Netherlands reached more than $100 billion, or $117,730,967,517 to be precise.

This is almost four times more than in Belgium. This means that our country also outperforms the two economic superpowers Germany and Great Britain. Of all Western countries, only America outperforms the Netherlands. The table below shows the ten countries most dependent on the Chinese economy, in addition to the value of all imported goods in 2022.

nation Value of Chinese imports 2022
United State $582.76 billion
Japan $172.93 billion
South Korea $162.62 billion
Vietnam $146.96 billion
India $118.50 billion
Holland $117.73 billion
Germany $116.23 billion
Malaysia $93.71 billion
Britain $81.54 billion
Singapore $81.17 billion

After the United Kingdom, Italy is the next European country on the list; In twentieth place with Chinese imports worth $50.91 billion. More than half of the Netherlands. Moreover, Hong Kong ranks second in principle, but the territory does not enjoy self-government actually With China now. Check out the full list of Chinese importing countries at Trend economy.

What goods does the Netherlands receive from China?

It is also interesting what goods are shipped the most from China to the Netherlands. The table below shows the top ten, including their total value in 2022.

goods Value 2022
Electrical and electronic equipment $42.99 billion
Machines, nuclear reactors and steam boilers $23.43 billion
Toys, games, sports equipment $5.91 billion
Organic chemicals $3.97 billion
Furniture, lighting signs, prefabricated buildings $3.33 billion
Various chemical products $2.90 billion
Mineral fuels, oils and distillation products $2.82 billion
Plastic $2.64 billion
Knitted or crocheted clothes $2.19 billion
Vehicles, except trams and trains $2.15 billion

a look at Trading economics All Chinese goods received by the Netherlands.

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