The new Princess Peach: Showtime! The clip showcases the new transformations

In a new trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime! We will see four new transformations from the game. We see Peach as a snowboarder, master thief, mermaid, and action hero. Peach must perform different roles in the game to save the theater from destruction. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on March 22.

  • Figure skater peach – Get on the thin ice and use her skillful skating skills to defeat enemies. Join other dancers for a dazzling performance full of fast spins and jumps, and spin around the competition to help other dancers.
  • Master the peach thief – Find, sneak and swing your way through this daring performance using various tools and sneaking past the defenses of the Zure Tros. Then use the antics (and charm) of the spies for your dramatic escape.
  • Peach mermaid -Peach also loves to make her voice heard underwater. Use her magical voice to control schools of fish or form a harmony with a wet orchestra. Control friendly sea creatures to uncover paths and solve puzzles.
  • Action hero peach – No, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s… action hero Pitch! Protect the residents as a superhero with powerful punches and super strength. Fly, throw objects and fight enemies in amazing battles in the air and on the ground.

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