The Obama family mourns their four-legged friend, Boo: ‘We’ll …

The family of former US President Barack Obama in mourning. Bo, the family dog, died at the age of 12.

It was a difficult day for our family. Former First Lady Michelle Obama wrote on Instagram on Saturday, and we bid farewell to our best friend, our dog Bo, after a battle with cancer. During the presidential election campaign in 2008, we promised our daughters that we would have a puppy after the election. We didn’t know how much it would mean for us. For more than a decade, Boo has been a comfortable present in our lives. It was there when the girls came home from school. He was there when Barack and I needed a break. He was there when we flew Air Force One, and when the Pope came to visit us. And when our life slowed down, he was there too: He helped us when the girls left for college, and we had to adapt to an empty nest.

Poe, the Portuguese Water Dog, was chosen by Obama because daughter Malia has allergies. Sunny (8), the other dog in the family, belongs to the same hypoallergenic breed.

Former President Obama also said goodbye to Boo on Instagram. “He accepted all the uproar that came with the White House. He barked, but did not bite. He liked to jump in the pool, was good with the kids, enjoyed eating leftovers on the table, and had great hair. It was exactly what we needed and more than we expected. We’ll miss him a lot. ‘

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