“Brexit negotiators pass the deadline, Monday …

Chief British negotiator David Frost
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A senior source in the British camp said Sunday evening that negotiations on a trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom had once again passed the deadline. There was no breakthrough in the grueling consultations on Sunday, which means that the European Parliament does not have time to agree to a potential agreement in time. Yet negotiators continue on Monday.

Committee chair David McAllister said on Twitter that the committee would meet on Monday morning to discuss the situation and consider what to do next. With no agreement reached at the end of this week, “the European Parliament will not have a chance to approve an agreement this year.”

A senior British source said on Sunday evening that the negotiations “are still difficult and the important points of disagreement remain. The teams are negotiating throughout the day and are expected to continue on Monday.”

The European Parliament had set midnight as the finish line on Sunday, but that will not happen. Because Parliament approval is required to reach an agreement, this deadline seemed more serious than previous ones, which were often overlooked as mentioned.


Three options can be visualized. In recent days, it has been increasingly suggested that the pact could enter into force temporarily on January 1 and only then be brought before Parliament. In addition, the Green Party has previously requested an extension of the deadline for negotiations and ratification. The third option would be a kind of technical “lead time” at the beginning of the year.

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If the EU and the UK do not agree, mutual trade and traffic will be subject to controls, fees and red tape from the turn of the year.

The British left the European Union already at the start of this year, but they will still adhere to EU rules until January 1.

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