The oscillating particle places our knowledge of nature on the slope …

The Muon g-2 experiment in Fermilab
Photo: AP

These days, particle physicists walk on their toes. There is increasing evidence that a small particle does not adhere to the Standard Model of particle physics. This could give a new idea of ​​the origin of the universe.

Particle physics is the theoretical model through which scientists try to explain the structure of a physical reality as closely as possible. But measurements at American Fermilab, the famous particle institute in Chicago, showed that muons, the heavier variants of electrons, oscillate more than expected. It is almost certain that the deviation from the theoretical prediction is due to particles or other physical phenomena that we do not yet know.

Physicists had already seen this anomaly in another experiment in 2001, but the chance of chance was still very high. With the new and bigger experience, that opportunity has shrunk to 1 in 40,000. To really speak of a discovery, one in every 3.5 million needs to be reached. To this end, new measurements will be made in the next two to three years.

A step forward

The US announcement comes two weeks after the other big news. In mid-March, researchers at the European particle accelerator CERN also shared an abnormal behavior in muons, although this includes different behavior and the chance of chance is greater: 1 in 300. Particle physicist Jürgen de Hundt (VUB) says. “There might be something we haven’t understood yet. This could open the door to new physics.”

This is not only interesting to particle experts. It can help answer questions, provide insight into the origin of the universe “from nothing”, and above all, it teaches us a lot about dark matter. Hardly 5% of the universe is made of atoms. “We don’t know what about the rest. This result could help us move forward with revealing the 95 percent rate.”

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