The search: Apple Watch is ideal for heart patients

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that the Apple Watch is ideal for heart patients and people with other cardiovascular diseases.

Stanford researchers discover that A. Apple Watch Ideal for heart patients. The smartwatch will be nearly accurate in measuring patients with cardiovascular disease alone compared to measurements taken in the clinic. Therefore, the tool allows people suffering from cardiovascular diseases to monitor their condition. In the Netherlands, about 1.5 million patients would theoretically benefit.

What does Apple Watch do for heart patients?

Researchers at the renowned American University used a specially designed app called VascTrac to see how well patients could measure their “vulnerability.” search It was funded by Apple.

The conclusion is that the iPhone, in combination with the Apple Watch, collects damn accurate data from heart patients passively. Then if they go to the doctor, they will get roughly the same information.

Apple, city, cat It has a feature built into the Apple Watch called Six-minute walking test. This is a six-minute home test, after which patients are given an approximate picture of their health. If the test shows that it is not going well, they should go to the doctor. But without an Apple Watch, heart patients had to go to the doctor immediately for an examination.

In short, the Apple Watch and other smartwatches can greatly help heart patients and doctors. The home test appears to be quite reliable and takes some of the stress off the doctors. At the same time, it gives patients more peace of mind because they can check on their own.

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Of course, this is just one study (funded by Apple); Only if several independent studies found the same thing could the science be raised. Until then, it is always recommended to visit a doctor if you have any doubts!

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