The owners and staff survive a Mississippi hurricane by taking shelter in the restaurant’s cold room


A deadly storm, accompanied by a hurricane, passed the US state of Mississippi at night from Friday to Saturday. At least 26 people died. One group escaped the natural disaster by sheltering in a cold room in a restaurant. Nothing remains of the rest of the building.

The town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, was hardest hit during the storm that swept through the state Friday night. A tornado hit the area and there was not much left of the former Rolling Fork.

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Tracy Hardin, owner of the city’s Chuck’s Dairy Bar, told USA TODAY how she survived the hurricane with her husband, Tim, and several customers. The woman said: “Suddenly a light flashed and someone shouted: Cold room!” She said, “Before he closed the door, he would see the sky.” “I went so fast. As soon as he closed it, he said, ‘The roof came off.’”

After the storm, someone helped clear debris in front of the cold storage so that the eight people inside could get out safely. Everyone was fine.

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Not much of their dinner was left. Only the refrigerator and toilet remained standing. After that it turns out that someone hid in his toilet and thus also survived the tornado.

At least 25 people have been killed in Mississippi. In neighboring Alabama, not a single person was spared from the severe storm.



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