The park opens again: ‘Jurassic Park: Survival’ takes you back to the year 1993 | film

filmIt doesn’t seem like the “Jurassic” series is over yet. After six feature films, one more successful than the other, one spin off On Netflix and the theme parks at Universal’s theme parks, we’ll soon be trying to survive on Isla Nublar in the new video game “Jurassic Park: Survival.”

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Although there have been many games in the “Jurassic” series in the past, “Jurassic Park: Survival” will be the first. first person Action adventure Game in the series. The story takes place immediately after the events of the first film (1993). You are stepping into the shoes of an InGen employee, Dr. Maya Joshi, who failed to escape at the end of the first film. If d. Joshi, you are making your way across the unforgiving island of Isla Nublar and trying to survive in a jungle full of hungry dinosaurs.

The trailer has just been put online and is full of references to Spielberg’s legendary first film from 1993:

“As loyal fans of Jurassic Park, we are honored to embark on this journey,” said Tim Willits, COO of Saber Interactive, the game’s producer. “Our goal is to capture the magic and wonder of the iconic film through our development expertise and true passion for the source material.”

The release date of the video game has not yet been announced. We know that the game will be playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series

“Jurassic Park: Survival” takes you back to 1993. © ZDF and Murray Close / Saber Interactive

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