Extreme heat in Australia: more than 40 degrees in Sydney, 15 degrees above normal | Weather News

In the Australian city of Sydney, the temperature was warmer than 40 degrees on Saturday afternoon (local time), the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The temperature rose more than 15 degrees above average for this time of year, according to the Australian Meteorological Service, which described a heatwave.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese asked Sydney residents to “take care of each other.” He described the heatwave at a news conference, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, as a “reminder that there may be some truth to all the hype about climate change.”

Due to the sharp rise in temperatures, authorities in southeastern Australia are warning of the increasing risk of forest fires. On Saturday, a total of seventy forest fires broke out in the state of New South Wales, including 21 fires that the fire brigade was unable to control.

After Saturday, temperatures will drop again, but later in the week the Australian Weather Service expects temperatures to rise again on the east coast. Meteorological summer began on December 1st in Australia.

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