The persevering NASA Marslander parachute contained a …

The parachute on which the persistent rover landed on Mars last week contained a secret message in binary code. This is the code that uses two symbols, for example 0 and 1. In this case the areas are orange, red, and white. Internet investigators cracked the code within six hours.

NASA scientists have confirmed that when NASA’s Persevering rover opened its parachute, a secret symbol of red and white stripes appeared. They defied anyone to try to break the code. Something that internet investigators actually succeeded in after six hours.

Adam Stelzner, chief engineer of perseverance, revealed that the lines, emerging from the center of the parachute, are actually a message written in computer binary code. Each series of red and white stripes represents a single letter when read clockwise from the inner ring of the parachute to the outer ring.

Originally a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt, “the action of powerful things” adorns the walls of the JPL. The trick was to “find a way to encode it without being very clear,” as systems engineer and puzzle fan Ian Clark explained.

Secret codes are often used in space travel. But usually we don’t see that.

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