Local councilor: “The opportunities to enjoy good health are not evenly distributed in our country” (which is why Steenwijkerland focuses on Feel Good)

Alderman Trijn Jungman. Photo: PvdA Steenwijkerland

The opportunities for good health are not evenly distributed in our country. This is the opinion of a group of city councilors who work together under the name HealthyIn. One such member is Trijn Jongman from Steenwijkerland municipality. “To bridge differences, you have to make a difference. In other words: make extra efforts for vulnerable people to achieve equal opportunities for a healthy life.”

The group, made up of eighteen local councilors from, among others, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Steinwekerland and Lelystad, believes that a lot of investment should be made in addressing health inequalities.


In the Netherlands, people with low education die six years earlier than people with higher education. They also live less than fifteen years in good health. The group calls for local “handmade money” so it can provide personalization. Regional cooperation should reinforce the local approach. “Let’s keep the resident in mind. This has to get better and healthier.”


Locally, Steenwijkerland is investing in a “Feel good” project, for example. This is a project from Taalpunt and Sportakkoord, where information and education about healthy nutrition and exercise is provided in an understandable way to people with language deficits. This is done in cooperation with local dieticians and local sports providers

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