Sheep carry at least 35 kilograms of wool with them: “The animal can not see anymore” | the animals

Rescue workers in Australia found a sheep in the wild with incredibly dense fur. The animal was carrying at least 35.4 kg of wool.

The sheep, named Baarack, were found by staff at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary near Lancefield, about 40 miles north of Melbourne. Sheep are usually sheared once a year. If not, a member of the rescue team at the Reuters news agency said, their fur will continue to grow.

Shaved, Barack was at least 35.4 kg lighter in wool. “His hooves were in good shape flowing over the rocks in the forest, but other than that he was in very poor condition. He was underweight and he could barely see all the wool around his face.”

It is not known exactly where Barak is coming from. “It seems he hasn’t lived in the wild all his life. He had an ear card, but the thick, fluffy fur makes it inconspicuous.” Barack now settles down with the other sheep saved on Edgar’s mission.

Barack before and after shaving:

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