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In June, a special movie can be watched at a festival in Sheffield, UK. the moment It is about a dark future, where the viewer can (subconsciously) determine how the story will develop.

the moment Directed by Richard Ramshorn, Researcher at the University of Nottingham. He built various algorithms that translate someone’s brain activity into the movie. If you pay less attention, the editing will get smoother, the next scene or story will start and the soundtrack will become more aggressive. That should grab your attention, and then the movie cools off again.

In this way Ramchurn hopes that there will be an interaction between the ideas and the film. After all, your state of mind depends on what you see, but what you see now also depends on your state of mind.

Simple headband

To gauge what you think and feel, Ramchurn uses a fairly simple headset: a headband that measures brain activity. It remains to be seen whether this information can actually be translated into a number that reflects the amount of interest. Often these bands measure a lot of different areas of the brain at the same time, so it is difficult to pick up a specific emotion or idea. This makes the film more an experience than a demonstration of a reliable new technology.

Bild: Richard Ramshorn

The film consists of three separate stories, set in a world in which brain and computer control has become a norm. The three lines are somewhat self-contained, allowing the program to switch to a different story if someone’s attention diminishes. Various setting with new characters gives the required boost; In the Ramchurn Experience, the movie changes every 6 seconds to keep someone on the ball.

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Three times the amount of material

This method of filmmaking is not very practical. For a half-hour experiment, Ramchurn had to shoot one and a half times the amount of material and make six times as much music. So most of the film remains invisible to most viewers. Everyone can see half an hour, and according to the makers, there are millions of different combinations for all the images.

is being the moment The next step is watching movies after 3D, Imax, and 4D (read: “Wheelchair cinema now in the Netherlands”)? It’s also the ultimate personal movie; Your subconscious makes the movie captivating at all times. At a time when the media has become more personalized, this type of brain technology may help. But then you walk away from watching a movie together.

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