Microsoft Word will predict what your next word will look like

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Microsoft is expanding its Word processing program with artificial intelligence. Based on what the user typed before, the program will predict which words will follow.

Microsoft Word will soon predict words based on what you have typed as a user. The predicted text is grayed out and can be accepted with one click of the Tab key. Of course you don’t have to agree to the suggestion, you can also reject it.

Artificial intelligence continues to learn based on your user behavior. The forecast should better reflect your personal writing style over time.

Please note that the feature is currently only available in English. In the past, Microsoft has already added the functionality to Outlook’s mail program. The Google Docs competitor has also had similar text predictions for quite some time.

Privacy problem?

According to Microsoft, you do not need to worry about your privacy. They remain well protected. Company employees cannot access your data and it is also certain that nothing is passed in terms of data to other companies.

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