There are currently three major new features in Android Auto in action

In fact, that’s what the Mountain View-based search giant is now doing. The company has been able to fix several critical vulnerabilities that have infected Android Auto recently, and there is no doubt that more will be fixed sooner rather than later.

But in the meantime, Google is also working on new features for Android Auto, all with a simple goal in mind: further improving the app’s functionality and giving users more options to customize how they want to use it in their car.

For example, the latest beta includes some important tips in this regard, giving us an early idea of ​​what Google promises about the Android Auto interface, although at this point there is no guarantee that any of the recently discovered features will eventually appear in Android Auto. their way to production facilities.

The first, and most important, is the introduction of a new UI update codenamed Coolkwalk. The interface update is largely due to a new button placed in the navigation bar that allows users to launch a kind of notification center at the touch of a button.

Just think of Action Center on Windows 10. When you click this button, you will see the latest notifications and a series of quick actions.

In Android Auto, the new button also allows you to view your latest notification, while also accessing music playback controls. The interface of this new part is a little rough at the moment, but I would expect Google to add some kind of transparency and make it less intrusive, especially since it will take up some valuable screen space. This is important, especially when running navigation applications.

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Next, Google is working on something big in the backgrounds. As most Android Auto users know, the app comes with wallpaper support, so instead of the faded and classic wallpaper, you can choose a more colorful image from a set included in the app by Google itself.

This set of wallpapers is bundled by default with Android Auto and cannot be changed in any way at the moment.

Google plans to add more wallpapers, but at the same time, it is also developing a new feature that can add additional functionality in general. So what the company appears to be preparing for is support for restoring wallpapers from their own servers.

Obviously, this could enable the company to provide users with more wallpapers without the need for Android Auto app updates, but at the same time, it can also enable the automatic wallpaper change feature that can work based on different triggers, such as the time of day.

And last but not least, it looks like Google is working on giving users extra control over how the app runs in their car. On most new models, Android Auto starts automatically when the phone is connected to the main unit, but Google wants to offer more options at the app level.

So users can choose whether they want Android Auto to automatically launch the app when it detects a connection to the main device, or whether they want to use the previous state as the default. In other words, if you turn off the engine and Android Auto isn’t running, it won’t start the next time you drive.

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These options will be included in the new Settings screen on Android Auto, allowing you to configure everything from the main device and not from the mobile device.

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