The Philippines warns China against provocations in the South China Sea outside

The Philippines once again called on China to stop its “provocative actions” and warned that repeated attempts to cut off Philippine supply routes to a disputed atoll in the South China Sea could have “catastrophic results.”

A spokesman for the Philippine National Security Council said in a press conference on Monday that the Chinese attempt to disrupt the supply mission led to damage to one of the Philippine ships, but no one was injured.

Regarding the incident that occurred on Sunday, the Chinese Coast Guard said that a “minor collision” occurred between one of the Coast Guard ships and the Philippine ship, while the Coast Guard “legally” prevented the ship from transporting “illegal construction materials.” To the warship will bring.


The Philippine Coast Guard has not yet assessed the damage to the ship’s hull, but a Coast Guard spokesman said at the same news conference that the damage was “deep” and “more than just a scratch.”

Manila condemned “in the strongest degree” the Chinese ship’s “dangerous blocking maneuvers.” “We are relieved and grateful that no Filipinos were injured,” the National Security Council spokesperson said. “But we are concerned about the escalation and provocations of Chinese ships that have no business in the West Philippine Sea.”

Manila summoned the Chinese ambassador.

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