The PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 will disappear in a few months

Sony announced that it will soon close the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP. As a result, you will soon not be able to purchase digital games on those older devices and mobile devices. It came online in October last year, so there is no such thing as an alternative on keyboards. It will send you the old URL directly to the new platform.

PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3

On July 2, the plug for PlayStation Store On PS3 and PSP, while PS Vita owners can use the Digital Store until August 27th. This has a huge impact, as it means that you can no longer purchase digital games and this also applies to downloadable content. Therefore, previously purchased games cannot be provided with downloadable content. You can’t even make in-game purchases at all.

Not completely left to your own devices: Old games can still be downloaded on the consoles and mobile devices mentioned above if you have already purchased them before. You should no longer want to purchase extensions for this, as that will not work after Sony pulls the plug. You can still redeem PlayStation coupons, so if you still have a lot of them at home, you can still make purchases.

Sony Digital Store

Earlier today, Sony shut down the old web version of PlayStation Store. However, it did so without notifying players in advance. In fact, I finally decided to deceptively ditch the old browser variant. There is no announcement date as above, no notice to have it removed or removed, absolutely nothing. On the other hand, a renewed variant actually appeared online in October last year, so that doesn’t mean there is no such alternative on consoles. It will send you the old URL directly to the new platform.

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Especially the PlayStation Store disappearance on Play station 3 Marks the end of time to park. The Digital Store was launched in conjunction with PlayStation 3 in 2006. 80 million PlayStation 3s have been sold to date. The PS Vita was instantly equipped with the Store when it launched in 2011. Ultimately, ten million PS Vitas sold, a small number compared to the PSP that managed to sell 80 million units.

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