The Prime Minister of Catalonia announces early elections after rejecting the regional budget

In a surprising development, the regional Prime Minister of the Catalan government, Pere Aragonés, has decided to call early elections on May 12, 2024. This decision comes after the Catalan Parliament rejected the budget, which represents a major blow to the Catalan government. His government. As an autonomous region within Spain, Catalonia has witnessed a volatile political scene for decades, and these will be the 14th democratic regional election and will follow regional elections on 14 February 2021.

The 2024 regional budget was rejected with 68 votes against From Junts, Vox, Ciudadanos, PP and Commons. Opposition parties accused the government, among other things, of not rejecting the controversial BCN World project to create a large entertainment complex. to 67 votes in favorfrom the ERC, PSC and a dissident Junt representative, budget plans narrowly missed the necessary majority.

the Election announcement