The Sterkenburg brothers are wrestlers on the doormat

Twin brothers Marcel and Tyrone Sterkenburg, 22, are gearing up for the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, but they're making their first appearance on the carpet with Men's Health. “You should look at sports as a reflection of your life,” says Tyrone. You can read this and more in the latest Men's Health news.

The Sterkenburg brothers wrestling on the mat

Twin brothers Tyrone and Marcel struggle together to reach the top. “Wrestling is the ultimate combination of agility, strength and tactics. We want to make Greco-Roman wrestling great in the Netherlands, not just abroad.” The brothers are currently busy qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris this summer.

The ultimate goal – men's health coverage

The final four finalists for our cover challenge! Out of all the lucky Silver Ticket winners who signed up, Kenny, Nigel, Steve and Stefan made it to the final. Who will eventually make it to the cover of MH?

Keep your heart healthy

First there was American football player Damar Hamlin, then basketball player Bronny James. They both suffered cardiac arrest. How could that happen? MH looks to science to find out what this means for all of us – young, old or somewhere in between.


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“Suddenly I realized I was in a cult”

Robin Melart, 43, grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. Sports were discouraged because it was better to “engage in doing things in the service of the Lord.” After being cut off from society, he went to the gym. His best decision ever.

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Men's Health Issue 3 – 2024

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