The PS5 version of GTA V features 3 graphics modes

On March 15, Grand Theft Auto V will be released alongside Grand Theft Auto Online for current generation systems and across PlayStation Blog Rockstar has announced what we can expect in terms of PS5 features. For example, the most important step forward is the resolution in 4K and that along with the frame rate that offers 60 frames per second. However, you have a choice, as some graphics modes are available.

  • Resolution mode – 4K @ 30fps with ray tracing
  • Performance Mode – 4K Upscaling @ 60fps
  • RT Performance Mode – A hybrid of the other two modes including ray tracing, aiming at 60fps

Naturally, the game on PlayStation 5 will also load faster and you can expect more city life. This means that it is more crowded on the road, but there are also plenty of plants to see. Also, elements like lighting, water reflections and more have been improved and the same goes for anti-aliasing, motion blur, and more detailed fire, as well as explosions.

GTA Online is seeing an expansion in the form of Hao’s own business, which will be added to Los Santos Car Meet. New vehicles can be found here, including upgrades. In addition, a new category of racing will be introduced specifically targeting modified vehicles.

Rockstar will also unlink GTA Online from GTA V and so the online component will be available separately for PlayStation 5. The good news in this regard is that GTA Online will be available for free to all players on console for the first three months. And the game is always yours. Three months later, GTA Online is available for a fee only.

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Rockstar Games introduces new players to the Career Builder, giving players a $4,000,000 GTA budget to build their career. This money can be spent on real estate, vehicles, weapons, and more. To help people find their way, GTA Online will also feature a new tutorial and a clearer menu, allowing players to plunge into the action they want more quickly.

If you are already playing or have played the game, it will be possible to transfer progress from both single player and multiplayer to PlayStation 5. This migration is only possible once through the Rockstar Social Club from March 15th. It is already possible within the game as of today and you must then use the “Load and Save Game” option in the game.

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