The Queen (95) receives a birthday coin, Prince Philip (100) does not receive it entertainment

Choose a birthday coin for the queen Elizabeth Which is pretty cool, her husband, the Prince Philip She hopes to reach an even more milestone in June. On June 10, it will turn 100. This should lead to a special edition in place of Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday.

The Royal Mint may have thought that enough attention had been paid to the Duke of Edinburgh in recent years. A coin was issued in 2011 to mark his 90th birthday, and another on his retirement in 2017, in recognition of his 70 years of service in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. What is certain is that the Queen will also receive another commemorative coin next year: she will then celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the government.

Christmas speech

On the now issued coin is a short sentence of the Christmas speech by Elizabeth in 1957. It indicated earlier times when the king led his soldiers on the battlefield and the leadership was close and personal. “I cannot lead you into battle, I am not legislating or doing justice, but I can do something else.” The Queen said, “I can give you my heart and dedication.”

My heart and dedication So are the words on the door Timothy Nawad Designed coin. He surrounded the royal monogram with flowers that represent the four parts of the United Kingdom, replacing the usual leeks of Wales with cute daffodils. “For this design, I made the flowers more natural and less formal than usual. I also had a feeling that Her Majesty would rather have narcissus than a healthier Welsh leek!” Said Noad.

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