The record store finds a place in Hasselt

The Rocking Bull is the name of a brand new record store that has just opened its doors in Hasselt. “I turned my hobby into my profession and have been running a business in Antwerp for about 20 years with CDs, vinyl, DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise across all genres of music,” says manager Michel Petit. “Because our inventory continued to increase, we opened a second location, and Hasselt was chosen.”

“Our offerings are versatile, with mainly rock and metal, but you can also find the best pop rock, country and blues,” says Michel Petit. “We can also order all other types, so all customers are welcome here.” The Rocking Bull sells music on media such as CDs, vinyl and DVDs, but also sells musically themed instruments and “fantasy items”, such as skulls and dragons.

“The store in Antwerp is our flagship store, with the largest selection,” explains the manager. “In Hasselt, we will mainly provide additional parts in the initial phase. If we don’t have something here, feel free to bring it from the store in Antwerp…”

The Rocking Bull is located in Demmerstraat. “We are located in a slightly quieter part of the shopping street and we hope that with our arrival we can bring a little more life to the brewery here. With the Oberon geek shop and the new Witte Non (rock and metal café) close by, this part of town is the place to be for music and gaming fans “, concludes Michel Petit.

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