The Regional Clinical Network of Curoz is recognized by the Flemish government

The Curoz Hospital Network, which was formally established by various partners in January 2021, received an official decision to recognize the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. The cross hospital network includes ASZ (Aalst – Geraardsbergen – Wetteren), OLV Hospital (Aalst – Asse – Ninove), AZ Sint-Maria (Halle) and UZ Brussel (Jette).

A network of hospitals officially recognized by the Flemish Agency for Care and Health

With the decision to recognize the Flemish Agency for Care and Health, the Curoz Hospital Network can now officially take off. Curoz consists of ASZ (Aalst – Geraardsbergen – Wetteren), OLV Hospital (Aalst – Asse – Ninove), AZ Sint-Maria (Halle) and UZ Brussel (Jette). Hospitals are being asked to cooperate more and better match the supplies of care requested.

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Kathleen Coleman, ASZ General Manager: “Through this network, we can deliver the best high-tech care in the region, along with a strong, close core offering in every hospital.” the master. Peter Fairholst, CEO, OLV Aalst: “The collaboration ensures easy-to-access, high-quality care for every resident of the region. Moreover, the scope of the network will enable the consolidation of high-tech and innovative supra-regional care. ”

the master. Axel Kerkovs, General Manager AZ Sint-Maria: “Building on the strengths of each partner, the Curoz Hospital Network has the opportunity to provide high-quality, warm care through intense collaboration that meets the current and future needs of patients in our region.”

a. Mark Knoppin, CEO of UZ Brussel: “We are delighted with the official recognition of Curoz’s regional local hospital network. With this recognition, the partnership is now formal. The aim of this network, among other things, is to seek more efficient, high-quality and effective care for patients, in close cooperation with other actors in the field of healthcare and primary care.

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Curoz is a robust patient-friendly care network

The Curoz Network provides opportunities for economies of scale and integration, among others. Each hospital within the network maintains its individual personality. In this way, work takes place on a complementary, innovative and high-quality hospital network in which affordable, accessible and high-quality care is essential for everyone.

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