The result of the Eurovision Song Contest was not surprising, but it was notable

The fact that Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday thanks to the public vote at home will come as no surprise to anyone. But as always, a lot happened on the music festival stage. For example, we saw Willy Wonka during the second semi-final. The “real” ending was full of false outbursts here and there, awkward moments between the two presenters as well as impressive statements.

Our S10 fell outside the top 10, and I achieved 11th place. This is unfortunate, because after the first semi-final, the S10 said there was “something with the number 10”. “My name is S10, it’s May 10th, there’s 10 on my mic, and I’m announced as the 10th to go to the final,” she said at the time. However, Stien den Hollander didn’t get many points, especially from the crowd. However, 25 professional juries were enthusiastic about her and she got no less than 12 points from Italy, causing much delight for her team.

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Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Well, that Ukraine would go off with the title was already known from the start. Not only was the country ranked highly with bookies, many people also assumed that there would be quite a few sympathy votes. When Kalush’s orchestra had just finished performing, the singer asked for help: “Help Ukraine, help Mariupol and help Azovstal!” their number, Stefania, it may sound like a protest number, but it is not. It is an ode to the mothers of the band members.

Subsequently, it appears that “disruptions” were detected in the results of six professional juries. The results for those countries were thus superseded by an alternative outcome. So the final result took a little longer to arrive on Saturday night. that reports NOS.

The European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the festival, did not disclose the participating countries. It’s also not yet clear what exactly was suspicious about the results. The EBU says only that irregularities were found in the second semi-final rehearsal. For that preliminary round and final battle, an alternative scoring system was used, based on countries with similar voting behaviour.

There were also problems with the public vote, as is the case almost every year. People who sent a text message got a message that the message could not be delivered, or a message only after the lines closed, even though it was on time.

Wolves or a talking pole?

When it was the S10’s turn, the audience sang along with it. Especially hearing the adjective “ooehoeeeh aahaaaah”. The viewer can sum up that moment with only two images:

It was Norway who had distinguished themselves earlier during the semi-finals. They had a group of people on stage wearing yellow wolf masks. They did not take off the masks and therefore it was not known who was wearing those masks. But to many viewers – including you really – these masks didn’t look like wolves per se, but rather a completely different look. In any case, the ANWB understands:

“Laura Bosini”

During recording, one of the presenters, Laura Pausini, fell ill. She left the stage and thus couldn’t help counting for a while. On Twitter, people are responding to this in a funny way:

Bossini was gone for a few minutes, but just came back. Moldova was very popular among the current press. This even led to a real Bolognese during their song:

Moldova, after Ukraine, was the public’s favourite.

Top 10 Eurovision Song Contest

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about this final is that the UK did not reach the semi-finals once, but finished second. The country has a knack for finishing low, but this time, with TikTok star Sam Ryder, things are different. Before the final, many said that the second-placed country is in fact the winner. It is because of the potential “political” votes for Ukraine.

So this looks like a victory for the UK. Last year they didn’t get a single point. Sam Ryder – This subway Recently spoken – the country is pulling with its own astronaut from a deep valley. Below the entire top ten:

  1. Ukraine
  2. United kingdom
  3. Spain
  4. Sweden
  5. Serbia
  6. Italy
  7. Moldavia
  8. Greece
  9. Portugal
  10. Norway

The S10 eventually got 171 points – 11 less than Norway – and finished 11th. Maybe it’s time to consider a name change?

You can see the full result here. Participate in our bingo game? Check here how to redeem your full bingo card for a prize.

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