The Russians are advancing more • Kiev airport and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been seized

Armed Forces Commander Ono Eichelsheim expects that the Russian army will try to neutralize the Ukrainian armed forces within a few days and that President Putin will then want to occupy a large part of the country for a longer period of time. This is what the top Dutch soldier said in a technical briefing on the conflict in Ukraine. “The worst case scenario is unfolding in Ukraine,” he said.

The Netherlands can currently take action in a few days if needed, and that reaction time is reduced to “a few hours to days,” Eichelsheim said, without wanting to specify how long the reaction would be. This means, among other things, that units are “raised to a higher level of readiness” and thus personnel are added to those units. Eckelsheim expects a request from NATO to increase this readiness further within a few days.

For the Department of Defense, this already means that the leave has been rescinded. According to Eichelsheim, forced re-enlistment to increase readiness is “not now”. im rudeHowever, reservists can be used to fill any loopholes, and he assures that all the forces that the Netherlands has deployed in Eastern Europe in the context of NATO are deployed there to deter and defend the Alliance.

Eichelsheim further said that the Dutch would note that the Netherlands was involved militarily in three ways. For example, there will be more exercises at home and abroad and Dutch troops and equipment will be moved towards the NATO borders. With the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands is also an important transit country for other NATO countries, which means that in addition to Dutch military transports, transfers from allies will also take place on Dutch roads.

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