Ukrainians are fleeing cities en masse and forced to queue for money and food

The footage shows thousands of residents fleeing from Ukrainian cities under fire, such as Kiev and Kharkov. Meanwhile, the first refugees arrived in neighboring countries. Those who stay try to stockpile as much cash and food as possible quickly.

The first refugees from Ukraine have now crossed the border into Poland. Dozens of Ukrainians lined up this afternoon at the very quiet border crossing in Medica. Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said that preparations had been underway for weeks and that a search was underway for a safe place for everyone. The Poles have already opened nine reception points near the Ukrainian border where food, medical aid and information are provided to refugees.

People line up at a border post in Medica, Poland.

Photo: rtr

The Czech Republic also expects a large influx of Ukrainians. The Interior Ministry has already started preparations there and has announced that it will declare a state of emergency if more than 5,000 refugees arrive. Some refugees may then be placed in hotels or hostels.

Local media in other neighboring countries such as Romania and Slovakia have reported that the number of people crossing the border on foot is increasing, although local authorities have not yet reported a large influx of refugees. Slovakia is already sending 1,500 soldiers to the border to help, and is also ready to increase the number of border crossings. Romania is preparing to receive up to half a million Ukrainians, according to Defense Minister Vasili Denko.

The first refugees in Hungary also crossed the border on foot today. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the country could take in tens of thousands of refugees if necessary.

The central bank is taking measures

In Kiev and other cities, there were already queues at gas stations and supermarkets this morning, where people stock up on water and food. Many Ukrainians are also trying to get as much money as possible from the wall in the banks. The local central bank determines the amount that can be withdrawn.

Ukrainians are fleeing cities en masse and forced to queue for money and food

People line up to collect money in Lviv.

Photo: ap

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