The Samsung Galaxy S24 is receiving a modest May update today

Today, the Galaxy S24 is the first Samsung phone to receive the May update. The new firmware version does not bring any major changes – only the latest security patch has been installed.

Galaxy S24 May 2024 update

May is a busy month on some Samsung phones, with upgrades to security, One UI, Galaxy AI, and compatibility with some mobile networks. However, with the Galaxy S24, all of that goes away. Or rather: you’ve already received the 4G update, you’ve already got One UI 6.1, and the Galaxy AI was launched in the S24 series.

So the update to firmware version S92*BXXS2AXD6 only installs the May patch on the Galaxy S24, S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. There are many improvements to the Android operating system itself. Three of them are considered “critical”, and one is special for phones with a Qualcomm processor – such as the S24 Ultra.

Other security improvements are specific to Samsung’s One UI software. Let’s take for example phonefunction, camera, Secure folder And the Setup wizard The one you use when you first use your phone.

The recent rumors about further camera improvements seem to be empty so far. Really major innovations will of course only come with Android 15, which was recently tested on the Galaxy S24. Perhaps upcoming devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 will also bring new features to the S24 series. This will become clear in July, when Samsung launches its new Z series of foldable devices.


The May update can now be downloaded directly from Unbranded Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Europe. As always, you can wait for your phone to offer the update on its own, or you can run it yourself via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

Have you already installed this update on your Galaxy S24? Are you still experiencing more noticeable changes? Has Samsung done some work on the camera?

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