Positive Healthy Aging Workshop

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In this workshop, we will look at the changes that aging brings and how you want to deal with them. We learned about Positive Health topics such as engagement, lifestyle, meaning, resilience and leveraging strengths. In positive health, health is seen primarily as a way to continue doing what you find most important in life.

You map out your “positive health” and see what you want to do to grow in a more enjoyable way. After the workshop, you can participate in the full course if you wish.

Dates and times (participation is free/please register)
Wednesday 22 May from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Rode Rik, Van Sonstraat 49 in Vught
Wednesday 5 June from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at HelvoirThuis, Kloosterstraat 30 in Helvoirt.
This meeting is organized by Ouderen Samen in cooperation with Welzijn Vught.

You can register before May 15 (for the Rode Rik race) and before May 29 (for the HelvoirThuis race) at Moniek van Oss: [email protected] / Tel: 06-4676 8108

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