The smartest tool you already have on your phone

Another widget is an application that aspires to be the Swiss army knife for your smartphone. Displays user-related information in real time. There are many features and options in another widget, however the implementation of the concept is very simple.

Another tool

In Android, you can have a lot of widgets on your home screen which are all good for one thing, but at the same time drain your battery. This tool is good at a lot of things and has a ridiculous name.”Another tool‘, loosely translated: ‘the thousandth piece’.

In this application, in addition to the time and date, you can also view the weather forecast at a glance as well as upcoming agenda items if any. Does this all-in-one tool sound familiar to you? This is not surprising, because the application largely follows the concept of smart Google Quick overviewWidget for Pixel devices, another tool that works only with all smartphones and is full of useful options.

The app was released in 2017 by Italian developer Tommaso Berlose, and although only one developer is working on it, new features still appear regularly. In addition, anyone can take a look at the code of this application as you can find it on the developer platform github.

What can you do with it?

Well, cool, but what can you do concretely with another tool, besides checking your agenda, time and weather? So much, let’s give a summary:

  • See Title and artist of the tracks that you play. It works with almost any music app.
  • You can take your time Next alert I see
  • to receive battery tip, For example when your phone needs charging
  • I give you texts repeatedly. Unfortunately, this does not work with other applications such as Google Keep or OneNote
  • I got daily steps It can be seen after a sporting activity. How do you want to link the app to Google Fit
  • View the latest files Message
  • You get at random times greeting To find out who makes you happy
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You might ask “All this information in one tool?” The great thing about another tool is that the app itself determines when information is relevant. If you have a meeting in an hour, the app won’t bother you with the number of steps for that day. These steps will then appear briefly again if you have just completed a sporting activity, and when there is nothing more important to display.

App of the Week: The Smartest Tool You've Already Used on Your Phone

Mass customization

Another interesting feature of this app is the customization options. You can adjust the design in detail. With the clock, you can choose from colors, fonts, text size, and shades. In addition, you can also, for example, adjust the margins between all the elements of the interface, just like the centering.

There are a whole bunch of options, but thankfully, this app also works without you touching all those customization settings. Where you have to put some time, all the information that is displayed is activated. Sometimes you have to first connect the services or give another tool the necessary permissions. For weather forecast, agenda and time, you can also choose the standard services used by another tool.

App of the Week: The Smartest Tool You've Already Used on Your Phone

Another Download Tool

If you also want to have the most important information available at any time, you can download another tool. The app is completely free, and comes without ads, so the developer only earns money from donations. Are you going to try the app or are you a long time user? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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