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Outstanding athlete Michel Mulder (37 years old) has repeatedly managed to surprise Dutch television viewers with his musical talent on the program “Stars On Stage”. While the Olympic champion is currently going through a difficult period. A benign tumor was found on his head. He shares this intense news after his performance and it hits home host Buddy Vedder (29) and the judges.

“I have a tumor in my head”

Michele, along with his twin brother Ronald Mulder, are gearing up for this week’s song. Michel doesn’t dare admit it, but he is one of the few Dutch people who enjoys music Orange soldier like never before. “I still have to dig deeper into the story.”

Both brothers are good skaters, but they also seem to be good singers. “It’s not the most challenging song sonically,” Brother Ronald notes when he hears the song. This work requires a lot of acting to tell the story of Erik Hazelhof Rolfsema as best as possible.

Once on stage, Michel instantly captivates the audience with his work. He sings for the first time Stars on stage Dutch song and he does it well. After the performance, the Olympic champion breathed a sigh of relief. Buddy is curious what Michelle thinks “Tomorrow Is Today” is about. “You have to seize opportunities when they come,” Michel says. He says the text is very relevant given his current private life.

Buddy then carefully asks Michel if he wants to say anything about his own situation. Michel candidly explains that he has had a 30 percent hearing loss for the past six months. Michel went to an ear, nose and throat doctor for an examination, who told him he had a benign tumor on his head: “about the size of a golf ball.” Friend is silent about it.

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Therefore, Michel is very happy to have had the opportunity to participate Stars on stage. ““I also believe that things always happen for a reason,” Michel continues. When he first heard the song, he got goosebumps all over his body.

The news surprised the entire room, including the jury members. “I’m a bit quiet because of the story you told,” Paul De Leeuw stammers, searching for the right words. He doesn’t dare say it, but he thinks the performance is less good than in recent weeks. April Darby, on the other hand, sings about Michelle. “If they come Orange soldier “We’re still looking for Eric, so they should contact you.”

Albert Verlinde finds awarding stars a complex task. He should judge Michel on his performance and not the story. The former skater gives it four stars. Michel managed to get fourteen stars in total, which puts him in last place.

Michelle faces Lisa Loeb at the final curtain. Lisa already feels that the mood is a little off. “I’m with Michelle, too,” she says. Paul wants a wildcard so they can both advance to the next round. Unfortunately this is not possible. With 79% of the audience votes, Michel moves on to next week.

do you see Stars on stage Every Friday at 8 pm on RTL 4.

Are you curious how Lisa views adventure? You can see him on Offstage, the show’s after-talk.

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