The Toolkit turns farmers into ambassadors of health and happiness

Through fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, greenhouse horticultural companies make an important contribution to the health and happiness of millions of consumers in the Netherlands and Western Europe. However, this is still not well known even in our country. What greenhouse gardening needs are ambassadors and lots of ambassadors. And who better than the farmers themselves to fill this role? Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands offers a toolkit for this that can help entrepreneurs with this.

“It is precisely by interacting with the community that we increase appreciation for the greenhouse horticulture sector in the Netherlands,” says Jacqueline van Straalen, communications specialist at Glastuinbouw Nederland. Together with her colleagues from Team Communication, a lot of hard work has gone into recent months to put together and shape the toolkit. Together we can create more understanding and empathy. We achieve this by often telling our story, listening to our environment and highlighting how we are working toward a healthy, green society, Jacqueline emphasizes.

“It is the commitment of our members that determines whether the toolkit will be successful or not. They must categorically take on this role of ambassador, thus transforming their audience into new ambassadors of greenhouse horticulture. As is so often the case in greenhouse horticulture, the strength of the group must ensure the desired result.” .

and exchange experiences
The toolkit is part of the Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands website and can be used online The information in the toolkit is public. Growers who feel they are an ambassador of the greenhouse horticulture sector, or who have ambitions to become one, receive a ready aid package, complete with tool kit, from Glastuinbouw Nederland.

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Glastuinbouw Nederland advises you to participate and use this toolkit. Please also share ideas and experiences to inspire other entrepreneurs. The Toolkit is a dynamic platform. The content is supplemented regularly, of course in part by the shared experiences of these passionate entrepreneurs.

Why these tools?
Every Dutchman wants a green planet to live on and healthy food for everyone. Greenhouse gardening ensures a healthy and happy world with vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants. Innovations from horticulture also offer solutions to various social challenges. Is this enough? The answer can be guessed.

It is socially and economically important that every greenhouse horticulture entrepreneur creates a positive impact on the world around them. This can be done by telling the story behind the products from the greenhouses. But also by discussing the sector with all kinds of target groups. For example, by actively inviting people to visit or excursion to the company.

Target groups can vary from local or regional politicians and business associations to their own employees and neighbors. And don’t forget the primary and secondary students. Young people in particular can become passionate ambassadors for the next generation.

Tips and materials
“The media is also an important target group,” Jacqueline van Straalen adds to the list. “Particularly during the energy crisis, we have put many journalists from radio, television, national and regional newspapers in contact with farmers. The toolkit not only helps them prepare well for the press visit, but also provides tools to properly convey the fascinating and important story of the sector.”

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The toolkit not only contains tips and materials for telling sector stories, but certainly also about your own company. In this way we connect greenhouse gardening to society more. This is important for the future of greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands, but especially for the health and happiness of the population.”

Source: Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands

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