The town of poet Sara Lukasin on the wall of Grafting Street 12 IJss Hallen

Zwolle – Starting this week, a poem by city poet Sarah Lucasin has been shown on the 12th vaccination street wall. And anyone who gets vaccinated here, or at one of GGD IJsselland’s other sites, will receive a postcard dedicated to positive health.

Vice Roy de Witt from Overijssel County and GGD Director IJsselland Rianne van den Berg were present on a small scale but no less celebratory unveiling.

Regional movement

If it is up to Rianne van den Berg and Roy de Witte, the ‘Ticket Campaign’ is the starting point for a regional movement on positive health. “Health is resilience and self-management.“ Resilience is more important than ever, ”says Ryan van den Berg. We hope with this poem to inspire people to use their resilience. By using the cards, we want to give people more inspiration across the site about what It is beneficial for you in life. “


Roy de Witt: “I truly believe that being healthy begins with the people themselves. With the stimulating sentences and questions on the cards, you start thinking about what is important to your health.”

“I am a firm believer in positive health.” Vice Roy De Witt

“I am happy that GGD has this campaign and I am happy that the boycott can contribute to that regional movement.” “We want to talk about healthy living. That is why we hope that as many organizations as possible will join,” he continues.

This is positive health

Health is more than not disease. Your health is a complete picture of how someone lives and feels. This is called the health overview, also known as positive health. In the IJsselland region, GGD believes it is important to point to residents and professionals the strength of this broad view of health and how they themselves influence it. The approach not only looks at what is not going well, but specifically at what is going well and how everyone can reinforce it. This way everyone works on what he considers important to health.

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There are six pillars that define your health:

Body Functions – How Do I Feel Physically?
Mental Wellbeing – How Do I Do Mentally?
Meaning – How confident can I be in my future?
Quality of life – Can I enjoy life?
Participation – to what extent can I participate in the community?
Everyday life – what my everyday life looks like

The six pillars together form the complete picture of your health. Those who want to know more about positive health can visit the site.

My positive health

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