The trailer for Johnny Depp’s movie “Sweeney Todd” was actually quite misleading

Sweeney Todd full movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street The film was released in 2007 and was directed by Tim Burton. When the trailer for the film came out, this is what most people thought Sweeney Todd It would be a normal horror movie, but as soon as they entered the cinema they were surprised.

Sweeney Todd Based on the musical of the same name by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, which is in turn based on the play Sweeney Todd From 1970 by Christopher Bond. Knowing that, you wouldn’t have been too surprised at the time that the film was also a musical, but the trailer misled people.

Sweeney Todd Set in Victorian London, the film tells the melodramatic story of Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp), an English hairdresser and serial killer who kills his clients, with the help of his partner, Mrs. Depp. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), their corpses are made of meat pies.

Sweeney Todd originally went to Benjamin Parker and then married the beautiful Lucy. They also had a beautiful baby girl, Joanna. But one day, corrupt Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) falsely accuses him of a crime and takes Lucy and Joanna away from Benjamin. After fifteen years in exile, Benjamin returns to London under the new identity of Sweeney Todd, seeking revenge on Turpin.

The trailer also shows that the film is about this theme, but what you don’t see in the trailer is that the film is also a musical and that there is singing. Anyone who has seen musicals in theaters in recent years can attest to a small number of audience members who turn away or otherwise complain when the movie begins, not realizing that the characters will enrich the plot.

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It happened too Sweeney Todd. In the United Kingdom, many moviegoers walked away from the film when they realized it was a musical. Complaints were also filed alleging that advertisements for the film were intentionally misleading.

Singing speaks
Ray Winstone starred in a non-musical BBC production of the story in 2006, which would have caused confusion among film buffs. But as in this case, studios are often reluctant to show trailers for musicals. There is only one snippet of singing shown in the entire trailer Sweeney Todd It follows Depp’s eloquent singing style, making this one of the most popular teaser trailers in recent years.

The film’s marketing received a lot of criticism at the time because it was not advertised as a musical. Michael Halberstam of Writers Theater said: “By deemphasizing the music in the trailer as they did, the producers were likely condescending to us — a tactic that can only lead to tears in the end.”

big success
Despite the misleading trailer, it was Sweeney Todd big success. The film received critical acclaim and praise for the cast’s performances, musical numbers, costume design, set decoration, and fidelity to the music.

Sweeney Todd He has been nominated for numerous awards, including four Golden Globe Awards – winning two – and three Academy Awards (winning one). The film grossed over $153 million on a budget of $50 million. Since its release, the film has been widely considered one of the best musicals of the 21st century.

To look?
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street It can’t be found on various streaming services, but you can rent and buy the movie, among other services Prime Video And Pathi this.

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