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Orange County Animal Services filed an appeal before the December holiday season, hoping to find Lena’s dog, which she initially called Duchess, a home. On that call, they were saddened by the harsh comments they had heard visitors make about the unique dog. “She looks so ugly,” “How much will this cost me?” and “never get adopted,” were just some of the judgments people made as they rushed past Lena’s shelter, the shelter says. “We know that sitting in a kennel every day and watching people pass by across from those pubs must take its toll. It’s especially hard when no one gets a second look at you. When you have to watch dogs Others are picked, walked, and brought home.” “The heartbreaking thing is that Lena absolutely adores everyone. She runs to the kennel doors every day, excited about a new day and always optimistic. For her, every day brings new people and with it, new hope for adoption. Lena’s not a bad day.” Although she was sweet, kind, energetic, and intelligent, no one wanted to give her a chance.

The post was shared thousands of times and comments flooded in from hundreds of interested people until the puppy was finally introduced to her new family. The couple took Lina home and helped her undergo a successful surgery to remove the deformities around her eyes. Rescue Dogs Dream announces that they regularly take them on outings and other adventures. Since moving in, Lena has graduated from the first grade of dog school and is on her way to earning more degrees. Her new family describes her as “the sweetest dog they’ve ever met,” but admits that she still dares to be naughty sometimes. “She treated herself to some butter and cheeseburgers off the grill, but we’re working on it.”

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