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What is the problem?

These are models with a specific type of modem. This modem is in a smartphone and ensures that the device can send information over an internet connection. Due to a problem with the modem, smartphones can be completely taken over. This can be done by sending a simple text message or phone call to the user’s mobile phone number.

After the acquisition, A.J hacker Install malware. Google doesn’t want to say exactly how the hack works.

What are the smartphones involved?

Samsung says it wants to fix problems with security updates. Updates March 2023 and April 2023. Install these security updates immediately.

by Vivo We have no comment yet.

Prevent hacking

Until your device is updated, you can prevent hacks by disabling “Wi-Fi Calling” and “4G LTE Calling” on your device. As a result, you can only be reached via 2G and 3G. As a result, you may have a lower quality range. Voice quality in calls may be lower.

Disable Voice over LTE

Open the Settings app and tap on Mobile Networks. Here you can turn off 4G Calling.

Turn off the sound over Wi-Fi

Open the Phone app, tap the “three dots at the top right,” then tap “Settings.” Here you can turn off Wi-Fi Calling.

Didn’t work?

Can’t you find it? Then use the search function in the Settings app. Depending on which smartphone you have and what software it contains, the shutdown options may be in a slightly different place.

Found the options, but can’t turn them off? That may be Your mobile network provider made this impossible on your smartphone.

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source: Project Zero (Google) And Twickers

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