The UK records the number of daily cases

A Leading social scientist Kovit-19 said the new strain “changed the game” to get kids back to school.

Dr Jubaida Hugh, former deputy director of the Runnymede Foundation, told Good Morning Britain: “Children should be in school, but they should be in a safe school.

“We now have a new variant, which, like a vaccine in the corner, has changed the game; not only is it 70% more contagious, but with children, it explains why infection rates were so high just before Christmas.”

“With children, we think (the new strain) makes them more contagious. Now, this is a bigger problem because there are a lot of kids in small buildings, in small classrooms – schools mixing factories.”

Dr Hugh also accused the government of failing to keep schools safe despite the worsening corona virus situation.

“The key question is, are schools safe enough now? Has the government made schools safe, and in keeping with that, can schools be kept open?”

“Right now we have a complicated situation – yesterday we had more daily Govt cases and there are more than 41,000 corona virus cases in this country.”

“There were more people in hospitals on Christmas Day than there were in April this year, so we’re in a crisis now. We will get stumble revenue ‘and, frankly, it’s unacceptable, it’s not safe. “

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