Jail for man who sold millions of login details online

A 24-year-old man from Keyspeak has been sentenced to one year in prison for trading millions of stolen evidence. The money he earned through this, about 110,000 euros, he had to pay to the state.

For more than three years, the person has been collecting data along with a co-suspect. This includes login details from providers such as KPN. Both sold the stolen data, after which buyers could use it to log into someone else’s account.

The crime came to light after an investigation was launched in the UK into a website where visitors could buy stolen evidence. During the interrogation, a man from Guilderland came into the picture, after which the Dutch police went to work on the case.

‘No criminal intent’

The suspect admitted that he had links to the website, but said he had no criminal intent. He pleaded guilty to money laundering. According to the person, the website in question was meant to warn people that their credentials were online.

The court did not believe this and proved that the suspect had sold the login details with the intent to commit computer crimes. The court said that by trading the data, others became more aware of personal data that was not intended for them. “It has damaged confidence in cyber traffic.” The judge severely reprimanded the suspect.

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