The United Kingdom begins screening asylum seekers through electronic surveillance

The United Kingdom is launching a test that will allow asylum seekers to be tracked electronically, indirectly by ankle brace. Report that British mediaThe Ministry of Home Affairs wants to monitor people who enter the country through “dangerous and unwanted routes” and wait for deportation for a year.

They are immigrants who cross the canal in boats or enter the country in the back of a truck. The BBC writes this week that migrants who cannot be sent to Rwanda will be tracked electronically first.

The first flight with asylum seekers to Rwanda will depart on Tuesday. British judges agreed, but the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that asylum seekers were “at real risk of irreparable suffering.”

The ministry says the electronic surveillance test will help keep in touch with asylum seekers and expedite their asylum applications. Critics of the policy claim that asylum seekers are classified as criminals in this way.


The electronic device records the location of a person. This is to prevent the asylum seeker from going into hiding and deporting. They may also have to comply with curfew orders.

It is not yet clear to whom electronic monitoring applies. In Policy document Says pregnant women and minors are excluded from the trial.

The UK signed an agreement with Rwanda in April to charge a fee for illegal asylum seekers in the East African country. The UK has hired about 130 asylum seekers for this. Dozens of asylum seekers have filed personal lawsuits and won, preventing them from being put on the plane.

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