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The UK Home Office has launched a trial to allow electronic monitoring of migrants entering the UK in boats or in the back of trucks. The BCC reports this on Saturday. It is a one-year trial targeting adults who have arrived in the UK via “dangerous and unnecessary routes” and are awaiting deportation.

The trial began on Thursday in England and Wales and aims to test whether electronic monitoring makes it easier to stay in regular contact with asylum seekers and process their claims more effectively. In addition, the experiment aims to collect data on the number of migrants who go into hiding after arriving in the UK.

Persons on trial may be subject to a curfew. In addition, they can be imprisoned and sentenced if they do not adhere to certain conditions.


Critics say the plan treats immigrants as criminals. There are also concerns about the device’s potential negative effects on their mental and physical health, particularly if they have been victims of torture or modern slavery in the past.

It is unclear how exactly the UK government decides who is monitoring it or not. However, it has been shown not to follow up on children and pregnant women. According to British media, the first group to be monitored will consist in part of asylum seekers who will already be brought to Rwanda.


In April, the UK signed an agreement with Rwanda to receive illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in the African country for a fee. London wants to prevent migrants from France from making the dangerous crossing into England, often in rickety boats with the help of people-smugglers. But the European Court of Human Rights decided this week to put an end to this plan.

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