The White House after the Biden dog bite incident: I will not …

US President Joe Biden is not going to put his flagship dog, the German Shepherd that has bitten an employee, to sleep. The White House said: “It is still part of the family.” Both Major and Champ, Biden’s other German shepherd, were taken away after the bite incident.

Another question about dogs? Well, ” White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki responded briefly on Tuesday when a journalist made it clear during a news conference that there were still questions about the stinging incident. Saki immediately reassured dog lovers. Major Biden is still part of the family. I can assure you that he will not sleep.

According to the news channel CNNWho was the first to report the incident, the victim was a member of White House security. Psaki could not confirm this.


The three-year-old Major’s dog was adopted by Biden in 2018, becoming the White House’s first shelter dog in January. Since then, according to CNN, the dog has reacted quite tense several times, jumping, barking at the staff and even lashing at them.

In February, First Lady Jill Biden mentioned this on the TV show The Kelly Clarkson Show Another “obsession” is to make dogs feel at home in the White House. Major and 12-year-old Champ, Biden’s first dog, has been returned to Biden’s home in Delaware since the bitter crash.

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