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This morning, two security guards were injured in a cash tanker robbery in the center of Berlin. Four men dressed as road workers attacked them as they unloaded cash boxes in front of a bank branch. A burning car was later found about 8 km away, according to police.

The theft took place in front of the branch of Volkswagen Bank in Kurfürstendamm, about 2 km from the famous Kaiser Wilhelm Gedschenkirche. Four armed men in masks and orange roadworkers’ clothing jumped out of an Audi car around 10 am, ran to money couriers and sprayed irritating gas on them. They then extracted a hitherto unknown number of strips of cash from the cart and threw them into a large white debris bag, as evidenced by eyewitness photos posted on the German news site. The Daily Mirror.

On photos pictureFilmed by an eyewitness from across the street, according to the Berlin newspaper, the thieves threw a white bag of debris into the trunk of a silver Audi, jumping into the car and driving away at high speed. After the theft, police found a burnt Audi car about 8 kilometers southeast behind a supermarket in the Schöneberg district. The suspected escape vehicle was transported for investigation.

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It was such a big shock and I was terrified

A woman who witnessed the theft from her car said that one of the perpetrators aimed two guns at her and the passenger, while two of her accomplices threw a white bag of debris into the trunk of an Audi. The trunk lid will not close completely due to the size of the suitcase. According to her, a man was waiting behind the wheel of the car. She saw a man lying on the ground next to the money truck, presumably a security officer. “It was a big shock and I was terrified,” the young woman said.

The two guards were taken to hospital to receive treatment for eye and respiratory irritation caused by gas.

According to the Berlin newspaper, this is already the third robbery of a money tanker in the German capital in eight months. In December, a burglary also took place at IKEA in Schöneberg, and in June at the Volksbank branch in the Wilmersdorf region. Then the suspects plundered about half a million euros. In the Friedrichshain area, a branch of Santander Bank was raided in September. The perpetrator threatened bank employees with a firearm, but he was later arrested. In October, a thief kidnapped three employees of the Postbank branch in Kopnik as hostages. However, a special police team managed to charge the perpetrator a few hours later and free the hostages.

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