“The world record for perspiration is 3.07 liters per hour” – Wel.nl

“Physical construction plays a key role in whether or not you can handle heat well,” Hein Daanen, a professor in environmental exercise physiology at the Free University of Amsterdam, told HLN. “In general, tall and thin people have a relatively large area of ​​heat exchange compared to obese people. What you also see is that some people sweat more easily than others. Anyone with a problem with sweating can cool down less, which makes them sweat more easily than others. More sensitive to heat. This is determined in part genetics.”

“Men can usually produce and evaporate more sweat than women,” he says. “Women have slightly warmer skin to get rid of their body heat, but women generally have more problems with heat than men. We see that reflected in the mortality statistics. Women die relatively more than men in extreme temperatures.”

“Each liter of sweat evaporated in one hour provides 650 watts of cooling,” Danin says. The world record is 3.07 liters per hour and is held by marathon runner Alberto Salazar. This was then recorded in a lab where we can simulate all kinds of climates, such as a jungle climate or a desert climate. The weak point is that a person is not able to compensate for this, as this is limited to one liter per hour. If you put in strenuous efforts, you will always dry up.”

Sources): HLN
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