‘Will you teach our children morals?’: British MP relegated to key teaching position after raising his middle finger in Downing Street

British MP Andrea Jenkins is loyal to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and has made clear in recent days: And a public square She raised her middle finger at protesters in Downing Street. Thus, her promotion to Deputy Minister of Education the next day, is not up to many people.

Andrea Jenkins is a loyal fan of Boris Johnson. That became even more apparent as she maneuvered through a howling crowd in Downing Street, shortly after the prime minister announced his resignation. In a bright yellow summer dress, the 53-year-old Conservative MP chanted: “He who laughs last, laughs most. Just wait.” Then she raised her middle finger at the protesters.

Barely a day later, it was announced that Jenkins would become Deputy Secretary of Education. After her appointment, she tweeted: “It is a great honor to serve the Prime Minister.” Reactions to her letter quickly rained. “We can’t wait for our kids to be taught good manners,” one Twitter user wrote, commenting on a photo of Jenkyns raising his middle finger.

Labor MP Bridget Phillipson commented: “Ministers are not expected to be perfect, but is there a lot of demand not to treat the public in this way?”

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