‘The worst thing is that he means it’: Biden calls Trump’s NATO comments ’embarrassing and stupid’ |

Trump said this weekend that a NATO member state that spends very little on defense would not have to rely on American aid if the Russians invaded. “No, I will not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever they want,” he said at a campaign rally.

Can you imagine a former President of the United States saying something like that? The whole world has heard this. The worst part is that he means it. “No president in our history has bowed before a Russian dictator,” Biden said. “For God’s sake, this is stupid, shameful, dangerous and un-American. When America promises something, it means something. If we make a commitment, we will keep it.”

look. President Biden is confused during the press conference

Biden talked about a support package worth $95 billion (more than 88 billion euros) for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. A proposal to this effect has already passed in the Senate, but it still needs support from Republicans in the House of Representatives. I say to Republicans: You have to choose. Will you defend freedom or will you side with terrorism and tyranny? Do you support America or do you support Trump?” Biden said.

NATO countries agreed to invest at least 2% of their GDP in defence. Our country is at the bottom of that list.

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