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With the dawn of the Chinese New Year, we leave the Year of the Rat and move on to the Year of the Ox. The Chinese zodiac, just like the Western constellations, has twelve animals, but here the similarities end. The Roman era follows the sun, and one year equals the revolution of the earth around the sun. The Chinese era follows the moon and one month equals one revolution of the moon around the earth. Hence, the Chinese New Year is on a different date every year.

Chinese New Year, which coincides with the beginning of spring, was elevated to a national holiday in Suriname in 2014. Suriname is the only country in the Western Hemisphere to recognize Chinese New Year as a national holiday. “Our national holidays reflect our ethnic and cultural diversity, and our acceptance of ourselves and the outside world. This is exactly what former President Potter had in mind when he spoke of our most important export product: peace, the NDP wrote in its congratulatory message to Chinese society.

Integration and nation building are the basis of the ideals of the National Democratic Party. In this context, an attempt was made under the previous government to transform public holidays into ever-growing events, as interest in their respective customs goes hand in hand with the revitalization of tourism. Tourism was actually on the rise due to the stimulus. You might remember our 500,000 passenger at Johan Adolf Pengell airport in October 2019. It was a milestone.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has caused national celebrations to be celebrated differently since March of last year. Celebrating Chinese New Year should adapt to that. For example, many Chinese, who have traditionally returned home to celebrate the New Year, will not be able to travel due to the epidemic. This time the Chinese New Year will be celebrated, with all its symbols, in a more modest way and with more emphasis on the meaning of its symbolism.

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Year of Taurus predicts a year of obstacles. This is why the bull is so important, with his strength and perseverance, that he can overcome these obstacles. As the National Democratic Party, we take this meaning into account. The National Party, as the only national party in word and deed, will confidently continue to make a comeback in the future.

We are entering a new year with new opportunities. The National Democratic Party wishes you a blessed Year of the Bull. Generic Taurus is not all about hard work and honesty. It is equally suitable for health. And above all, we wish all of you good health in these troubled times.

“With Taurus in mind, let’s all put our shoulders on the wheel to make the country healthier, while being honest and transparent with each other. Really, a big task,” writes the NDP.

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